FairShare Photography heroes: Selling unconventional photography with Henk Langerak

Henk Langerak is a photographer based in The Netherlands who has a passion for capturing everyday objects with his macro lens though can be also found taking landscape, architecture, and wildlife shots around the world.

What Makes This Photo a Great Shot - Learning From The Best

Good street photography tells a story and depicts the truth about life ÔÇô See an example with Mike Bouchier's London Underground shot.

To make an impact: the forgotten purpose of photography

Pause before you press the shutter because you only have 8 seconds to make an impact with your images.

Stripping away the colour: Talking B&W photography with Vicki Finlay

Photographer Vicki Finlay can often only visualise an image in black and white. Stripping away colour allows her to look for the details and capture the moment where the story is. All of her images hold a message, you just need to take the time to see it.

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