Photography provides a way for us to convey a message, share a memory, provoke thought, and inspire creativity. Through our photos, we can positively impact people. The impression we leave is important but one thing we must address is the 8-second attention span of people. How can a photo make an impact in such a short amount of time?

By taking some time to think about every element of the scene’s frame, you can plan the composition, story, or message you want to tell in your photo. When someone looks at your work, what feeling or message do you want this person to take away from it? Just a small change in your frame can have a big impact on how your photo captures and captivates a person’s eyes and mind.

Perspective by Vicky O'Connor "The view of the world all depends on what you're looking through."

Remember that your one image can play an important role in a person’s life. Photos can connect us to lost memories and remind us of places and people. A photo composed with purpose can tell a striking story within the borders of a single frame.

Shaft of Light by Shona Jaray "An old flight of stairs in La Paz, the light caught my eye."

Your photos should have a distinct and memorable style that make them stand out. Developing your own signature style will help reinforce your identity and the messages you want to get across. Explore different varieties to see which ones you and your audience connect well with. Exploring different styles can help you find out where your passions are and once you hone your style, you are free to branch out to keep your work consistently fresh.

Day of the Dead Celebration, Wellington by Alan Blundell (Bokeh Street)

Developing your unique style helps set you apart from other artists. Consistently taking photos that are memorable and unique also helps grow your following. When you key into a trend with your distinct style, it will help your work stand out from the crowd. Don‚Äôt be afraid to say something with your photography, to make a statement, and be creative.‚Äć

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