Written by MatthewÔÇÖs teachers, Mr. Televave and Whaea Pare, as Matthew does not have access to a computer/WiFi at home and Auckland schools are currently closed.

Matthew is a spirited 12 year old who is in year 8 at Roscommon School. He is passionate about all sports and enjoys any competitive sports. When IMAgEN8 was introduced to our school, Matthew was determined to be a part of that group. He found it strange to hold a DSLR camera at first, because he had only had experience with a phone camera.

He couldn't wait to see his photographs in print form and liked to compare his images side by side. Writing poems for each image was difficult but he loved using poetic features like metaphors to describe things in nature.

It has been an absolute delight watching Matthew develop his zest for photography. As teachers, we are very proud that his creativity and skill was recognised and developed by his mentors, Tushar and Hina.

View more of Matthew's work in our journal.

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