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I am a 42 year old stay-at-home, married mum, and an amatuer photographer. I have two wonderful boys of my own, and I have had the privilege of also raising a, now adult, stepson. I do not have a career ‚Äď in my earlier years I worked office jobs, but then I left to concentrate on being a mother and a wife. My youngest child is Autistic, needing a lot of my extra time and energy to help him through life. A life curve, but very much a blessing. 2 years ago, I unfortunately had an accident, this has left me disabled with restricted use of my right arm, and with limited choice of career options‚Ķ for the meantime. I do see this as a blessing in sorts, as I am able to have the time to get out and about during school hours, spending time in nature, exploring and experiencing the fun of photography.

"Return" by Shannan Crow

Photography can be a powerful tool to experience the beauty of nature and show its ecological fragility. Nature photography can stimulate debate and change public opinion in extraordinary ways on issues such as environmental conservation or climate change. By looking into the work of landscape, wildlife, and outdoor photographers we can learn to appreciate the details of what makes our planet worth preserving. Even during a lockdown, photography can be an excellent tool to reconnect with our natural surroundings and gain a deeper awareness of environmental issues that concern us all.

"Steve the house sparrow" by Lachlan (Untame the Mundane)As I was walking home on my lunch break I found myself being followed by a new friend I named Steve. As I walked along the pavement Steve would follow from tree to tree always keeping his eye on me and would also often swoop down and hover, looking curiously at me. As I made my way into my house I could still see him birched on my neighbors tree (like he was watching me make my sandwich.) So I grabbed my camera and started taking shots and didn't realize Steve was a natural in front of the camera giving all different angles and this power stance. Read the full story here.

It is not by chance that an organisation such as CIWEM, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, has launched the Environmental Photographer of the Year Award, now at its third edition. Promoting the work of photographers dealing with environmental issues is key to spark discussions on sustainability, water scarcity, pollution, and more generally the importance of taking care of our frail Earth.

By Derek Rossiter

Whether you are sharing your landscape shots or looking at wildlife through the screen of your laptop, a lot of good can come from nature photography. So why not start here at Excio? Look through our members' collections and view some of the most interesting images for inspiration. Install the Excio app on your mobile device or tablet to enjoy an immersive nature experience wherever you are.

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