y passion for Botanical photography has been there right from when I started getting serious about taking photos. I have always been a keen gardener so naturally, one passion followed another.

I especially love roses (I think I have around fifty) so I am inspired to photograph them all.  I grew a couple of dahlia last year; this year there are a few more almost flowering. Watch this space!

I love to capture close-up photos, most are done inside on a table and I like using a black background.  Sometimes, depending on the time of day and how much light there is, I use a table lamp and/or a reflector. My favourite lens for this type of photography is a Tamron 90mm macro.  I always use a tripod too.

I use Lightroom for post-processing and almost always desaturate the colour slightly, especially when photographing reds.  I like a dark moody and vintage look.

It‚Äôs rewarding to look at a framed photo hanging on the wall and think ‚Äúwow, I grew that and captured its beauty‚ÄĚ but of course, not all of my botanical images are taken in my own garden.

The rose that you see here sits proudly on a photo shelf in my lounge, the dahlias grace the wall of my nephew and his wife in Australia.

I must admit that I lost motivation over the last lockdown, I was tired of photographing flowers and not being able to get out with my fellow photographers - I am motivated by joining small groups and learning new skills. I also enjoy landscape and portrait photography and my aim is to pursue these both a bit more in the future.

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