Based in Belgium, Phillippe is better known by the nickname "LaPhi". He is one of Excio's heroes having donated his work for sale on the ExcioShop with all his proceeds going to charity.

Pre-Covid, herds of tourists invaded places such as New Zealand's Wanaka Tree and the Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris to the extent that locals were prevented from enjoying those spots and in some cases, the environment almost destroyed too - all because visitors were on the hunt for a famous photo spot that they'd seen on Instagram and wanted to pose in front of themselves for bragging rights. At Excio, we strongly encourage responsible photography and, where possible, advise people not to share the exact location, at least not publicly.

But what will happen once the borders are reopened around the world again? Will popular tourist spots suffer even more from the influx of tourists? Despite many of us seeking 'roads less travelled', we all have a dream of visiting at least one popular spot in our lifetime. That's why we got in contact with our member Philippe to discuss how to photograph a popular tourist spot, why it is important to know the local culture and history, and how to look for new perspectives.

Read the full article in our journal.

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