How did you become a photographer and what type or genre of photography do you enjoy most?

I have only just started to say "I am a photographer" out loud. I have photographed the moments going on around me since I was in primary school. Around about 2015 we bought a DSLR and I have completed a few photography courses since then. I guess my preferred genre is street photography and photographing the candid moments around me. I also find it fun to experiment with my crystal ball, ICM, and in-camera multiple exposures.

What has your experience been with selling your photos through image libraries?

I have sold a few photos through Excio of the Matariki celebrations in Wellington. The local council bought some of my photos to illustrate a report of the events that took place in Wellington. My experience of selling photos with Excio was great - Ana let me know some of my work had sold, then the money (this was prior to Excio’s PhotoToken concept) was deposited straight into my nominated bank account making the experience painless and pleasant.

Elsewhere, I have less than 10 images on Adobe Stock and as far as I know, I haven’t sold any photos there yet. I initially uploaded images to Adobe Stock as I was working through learning modules about  Adobe Lightroom. I was learning how to get images into Adobe Stock, so I thought, why not put some up, you never know, someone may buy some however, I have never really been keen to put my images into traditional stock databases.

I am happier uploading my images into Excio’s Image Library, rather than other databases because of the connections with actual people at Excio. When it comes down to it, I trust the people involved in establishing the Excio database. Other stock databases seem to be very impersonal and disconnected to me. The ethics and values of Excio and their intention to provide a "fair share" for photographers resonate with me and like I said, I trust the people involved.

Do you follow any publications/forums etc for stock photographers or follow stock photography trends?

No, I don't follow any publications for stock photographers or trends. I try to think about what is seasonal, like Christmas or other holidays to consider what might be useful as stock.

Have you noticed that a particular genre/category is more in demand than others?

In regard to trends, this is a hard one. I don't pay much attention to the likes or views I get. I flicked through my Instagram page just now and see that the photos of birds and people have the most likes followed by some of my more creative ones where I am experimenting with intentional camera movement, multiple images in-camera, or manipulating images in Photoshop.

I do have some personal experience in selecting stock photos in my day job - my colleague and I would often look for shots of symbols/signs, local people, and places to use in our communications, presentations, and training material.

Outside of stock photography, the trend, already here and expanding, seems to be NFTs, so I have had some fun trying to make some. Now, I have to learn how to get those out in the market!

What do you like most about the Excio Image Library?

I like the Excio image library because it includes the work of photographers I know, either because I have actually met them or talk to them through social media. Excio finds so many ways to promote all their photographers it becomes easy to recognize who took the photo without having to look at the credits. I also like the way that Excio displays their image database and makes it available for other photographers to see each others' work. This helps with inspiration and ideas on "what's missing" in terms of genre across the database.

Without Excio (both the gallery and the library) my photographs, consisting of hours of work, sit unseen on my hard drive.

Do you use Social Media platforms to promote your work?

Aside from publishing to the Excio community, I share mainly on Instagram, and post some photos on a personal Facebook page. I have disconnected from a number of Facebook communities for various reasons.

Where can we find you online, any links you wish to share?

Instagram @annk_photography

Photospace gallery

Photospace Exhibition

Excio Image Library‍

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