Pamela, how did you become a photographer and what type of photography do you enjoy most?

I became a self taught photographer through my love of exploring new places, initially taking photos on my phone. Then one day a friend suggested I get a cheap camera and showed me one on a garage sale site. It was an old Fuji camera which took AA batteries but I loved it and it only cost me $50 dollars. It was after this purchase that I really fell in love with photography, taking photos of all kinds of different thing. I soon went on to purchase a Canon 3000D as I had been invited to do a 70th birthday shoot and from there, with lots of encouragement from friends and family, my passion for photography has only grown. Landscape photography is definitely my favourite genre.

What is the inspiration behind your photographs?

My inspiration for my photographs come from a feeling of freedom, there is nothing quite like being able to roam about and discover new things and places and watching the magic in the sky as the sun rises and sets. I think the level 4 Covid lockdown made a lot of people view things differently and appreciate what we have in our own back yards so to speak.

Your landscapes and sky photographs are very unique and colourful. Can you tell us more about them?

I took these on a Canon 200D mark II which I purchased the start of last year. I like to get up in the early hours of the morning to capture the sunrise and will often go out in the evening for sunset, sometimes even to shoot a video or time-lapse of the sunset.

I use Luminar 4 for my editing. Sometimes I will go on a creative streak, adding a different sky or the moon etc. just to be a little different if I feel the original photograph is somewhat boring and looks as though it needs something extra.

You’ve recently joined Excio’s image library, have you sold photographs through an image library before?

Not an image library, but I have sold a couple of canvas prints via Pic Fair to a person who lives in Australia .The site itself seems to be easy to navigate and my client told me the prints turned out great and they were very happy with them.

Why did you decide to start selling your work with the Excio Image Library?

I have been a member of the Excio community for a couple of years and love the fact that the site supports New Zealand charities and that buyers get a choice of which charity to support. As a seller, I think it is great to give something back in return and am not aware of any other photography platforms doing this. The charities are very important to a very wide rage of people and I think it is fantastic to be able to support them through our work especially these days with the impact that Covid is having around New Zealand.

Aside from helping charities, it is fantastic that not only is there a cash system to sell your images but the fresh and new token option too - I am glad to be a part of it.

What message do you want to share with readers?

My message is, if you can dream it, work hard, and are passionate about something then do it as life is too short not to. It has taken me a lot of trial and error, a lot of learning, patience, and work with a lot more to go to build my photography page up and have people share my images and videos. Overall, consistency is key but if you believe in yourself, your work, and your passion, you will succeed.

What are your plans for the future?

I am hoping to learn more about portrait and new born photography - I am expecting my own wee baby in May so there will be plenty of opportunity to learn!

Where can we find you online?




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