"Purple is my second favorite color. Much like green, it has a calming effect on my mind. I love purple clothes and purple backgrounds. It gives off a sense of wisdom." ‚ÄĒ Muhammad Sumran
Purple dahlia by Carole Garside

Purple is a colour that can lead to different feelings, emotions, and associations! The most common characteristics that come to mind when we think of ‚Äėpurple‚Äô are magic, mystery, and luxury. Purple is also associated with wisdom and spirituality. As it occurs more rarely in nature than some of the other colours it got a lot of attention causing the connection to the unknown and supernatural. Purple is also often seen as a royal, luxurious colour because in ancient times creating dyes to colour fabric required a lot of effort and expense, especially a dye in this colour which was not available in abundance in nature and so was only available to wealthy individuals.

Hollyhock by Karen Miller

There are some different terms to deal with when it comes to this intriguing colour and you likely use 'purple' and 'violet' interchangeably but there's a difference. ‚ÄėViolet‚Äô is an actual colour that is noticeable in nature due to its presence in the electromagnetic spectrum. It has a wavelength that ranges from 380 nm to 450 nm. (Source) ‚ÄėPurple‚Äô meanwhile is a mix of red and blue colours.

Do you capture this mysterious colour in your photographs? We're looking forward to seeing what purple pictures you capture in this challenge whether you use purple as an accent or have been drawn towards it in nature.

"Liza in Lavender" by Zhanna

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