#Stock in-demand

Taking stock photos this Matariki weekend

Continuing our discussion on Matariki, we explore how photographers can capture this historic day and create fresh, authentic images for the Excio Image Library.

Art of Birding: May monthly sparks 'getting arty with our photography'

AOB members have been getting arty with their photos, tasked with creating a set of related images that used an artistic technique to tie them together. Throughout the month, participants were sent a ÔÇśweekly sparkÔÇÖ inviting them to try a new technique. Here we look at the best images created from the weekly sparks and the best sets from the monthly challenge.
Current challenge

Red colour in photography

We want you to see red! No, not in anger although you might want to explore that concept in your photography and see how red plays a part, but to capture this colour and explore its many associations.

Matariki: Photographing an historic first

LetÔÇÖs get out and photograph the true meaning of Matariki on this historic first national holiday to celebrate m─ütauranga M─üori. But what does this mean and what should we capture? Excio has a personal assignment for every photographer.
#Stock in-demand

How to create stock photos representing a New Zealand winter

When searching for winter stock photographs online, businesses and agencies look for warm, but find cold. Excio is calling on its photographers to create cosy images with a New Zealand authenticity to fill this gap in stock photography. Think blankets, hot drinks and hugs.

Our home - a shared new world: A collective photography installation on the paradigm changing pandemic.

Concept by Giulio DÔÇÖErcole in collaboration with Marco Bena and Frames Magazine.